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Artist Statement

Excitement, anxiety, depression; There are a lot of different emotions that come about whenever a life changing moment occurs. Becoming a father was by far one of the most emotional moments I have ever faced. There was plenty of time to prepare for the waterfall of changes but no matter the time it doesn’t change the outcome.


To channel this drastic change into a physical form is a way of coping and evaluating what becomes the most important. Delivering a way of reacting that becomes dramatic, simple, conflicting and tranquil.


Looking into my sons eyes one begins to imagine the idea of seeing, literally, everything for the first time, nothing is beyond amazing. Trying to take those moments, those feelings, that excitement, and recapture it into myself. To learn from what he has just begun to understand has pushed myself into another layer of myself and work.


To become a father has started my greatest task of expression.

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